12 December 2011

Baca dengan penuh PERASAAN ea??


 hai kawan2..
 miss u all damn much!!

ok.. cik una nk suh korang bace ni.. 
dengan penuh perasaan tahuuuuu??

 feel it..
 same goes to me.. 

I have no friends, I loss all my friends because of you. 
I love you so much! 
But then, 
why you leave me alone? ??
Don’t you know what I feel? 
I feel lonely, no one want to be my friends anymore.
 I’m feeling burden to others,
 I feel…
I have no confidence, no energy, and I see no future!!
 It’s make me loss hope, 
and what I feel,
 all I have done is just a mistake.”

korang bace berlatarkan music ni tahuu??

 let's try..

aa macam??
 nangis x??

 wish me luck my friends..

 take care..


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