28 November 2011

entry need comment and help from people like u.


hello frenz..

 okeh, actually i wanna do my BEL assigment which is english subject in UiTM [for those who do not know]

i want to know how to make money when u r online. especially for the blogger who make money just on writing something and can earn alot of money..

 hope all of u can help me..^_^

 this is actually for my assigment and i want to prove that, becomes a blogger like all of u can earn alot of money n not waste our time just for write somthng in blog..

plzz.. my frenz.. i need ur comment and suggestion how can i earn money during online like YOU...

thank alot..

 assalamualaikum.. ^_^

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Ekkem Spark said...

which part of money making you want to know exactly, because if you are wondering if blogging can generate money? then the answer is yes. it includes a very simple platform which involves an affiliated related activities. In other word, you are actually advertising for a certain company by putting up their banner of their product and services thus getting paid to do so. i hope this help :)

usop said...

salam, nak buat duit dengan internet ni ada byk caranya, contohnya buat ebook dan menjual ebook tersebut, cara lain dengan menyertai affiliate, dan selain tu juga boleh buat pengiklanan misalannya dengan menyertai nuffnang atau advertlets, selain tu ada juga adsense, kalau nak cerita boleh katakan byk ler... waallahualam, sekadar apa yang saya tahu jer...

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